Camera feed not working after 1 screen change

I am an engineering undergraduate student, working on a research dissertation which detects objects on the ground.
I have worked on an app that uses a personal image classifier extension with multiple screens that contain different information. I ran into a problem where after I changed to a different screen and back, the camera stopped working and no video would show unless I launch the app again I am not sure if this is a bug or I missed a couple blocks.
Thank in advance for any help you can provide me.
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have you tested after installing the apk?

yes, the same happens. the camera worked the first time I launched the app but after transitioning to a different screen and back, the camera will not appear.
I am also trying to add a notification and logging function if detect targeted objects with a high confidence level, will you also have any suggestions on how I can achieve this?
Thank you for the help you provided me.

i attached the screenshots of the problem where of the web viewer disappears after clicking to a different screen

Switch screens correctly!



Dear Taifun,
I changed the blocks to now making sure that the screen does not open twice based on the manager screen tutorial but still run into the same problem, will it be the extension that is causing the problem or is my method of screen transitioning still incorrect?


The problem is solved now, My app wasn't updated when I tested it again. Thank you very much!