Cambio nome account google

Dopo avere cambiato nome al mio account google non trovo più i miei progetti su mit app inventor. Vengo indirizzato automaticamente ad un nuovo mit app inventor senza nessun progetto. Come posso recuperare i file .aia ?

Hai cambiato nome o account? Nel secondo caso devi accedere al vecchio e scaricare tutti i file aia, poi li carichi sul nuovo. Nel primo caso non so aiutarti

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Let's say your old Google account is and your new account is Then you can no longer update your old apps published on Play Store with the new account (AI2 account) because the package name is no longer the same as before.

If you just changed your Google account name, it shouldn't affect your AI2 account (and your projects should still be there).

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As others have mentioned, if you changed the display name, nothing should change. However, if you changed part of the Google address (e.g. to, then App Inventor doesn't know that you are the same person.

If you do not have access to the old address, then I can transfer your projects. Send me a private message with:

  1. The old address
  2. The new address
  3. A description of some projects in the account so that I can verify ownership.

Come da voi suggerito, ho recuperato il vecchio indirizzo poi ho salvato tutti i progetti.
Ho poi cambiato indirizzo google e ricaricato i file.... tutto Ok
Grazie a tutti per le informazioni


Additionally, you must export the keystore from your old AI2 account and import it into your new account.

Otherwise, you will no longer be able to update your (old/existing) apps in the Play Store.

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