CallLog and WhatsApp Util

Hi, I'm desperately looking for CallLog and WhatsApp Util Extension, can anyone help me? Thank you very much.

Did you try a search in the extensions directory?


Sure, but it's closed

What can I do?

From the extensions directory

Here are thre rescued extensions from Thunkable

In case it is not there, you can contact the author @Andres_Cotes directly... however as rhe extension already is a few years old, it might be outdated meanwhile


Hi, no answer from @Andres_Cotes ... :disappointed_relieved:

Try one of the WhatsApp extensions then

Hi, the sharing extension is very nice, it would be ideal for me, could you make it possible to send messages without entering WhatsApp to send the message? Thank you very much

I can buy you some coffee :blush:

WhatsApp does not offer an API, so this is therefore not possible
Probably it is possible in the business version of WhatsApp... therefore the suggestion is to