Call to 'gnu.expr.Closure' has too few arguments

Can anyone tell me what this means?

Sorry, I cannot display code due to privacy regs.


Sure, if you provide some code.

Sorry, all we can help with in that situation is the haystack of general advice

Somewhere, you are attempting to populate a variable or list item etc. that does not have a value yet.

Check if you are running the latest Companion.

Do you have a Procedure that is expecting to receive a value (argument) for processing, but a button click or other event is calling the Procedure without sending a value? Or, a Procedure that used to require a value that has since been modified to exclude it?

We shouldn't see this error in the latest versions of AI2 but it was an issue before:!topic/mitappinventortest/2pBa91dz8Sw

It might also be related to switching screens incorrectly:

... and also might be a bug in an Extension - could simply be an extension version that is not compatible with the latest AI2 or latest Android.

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