Call procedure in a different screen?

I have a db query procedure defined in a screen, I need to call that procedure from other screens. Cannot find any topic about this, is it even possible to directly call a procedure in another screen? Thanks.

Each screen is like a separate program.

surprise it cannt be done. Thanks anyway.

Use the BackPack to (kind of) copy-paste the whole Procedure into the other screen.

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Drag the procedure to the backpack on the top-right corner and drop it. After that, you will hear a Whoosh- sound and your blocks will be back to the original place. Then, go to the other screens and click on the backpack. You will see blocks that you dragged to the Backpack on other screens, or even other projects. You can drag them to the viewer.

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that's what i was doing, just wanted to know whether we can further reduce redundance. Thanks

Use virtual screens....:wink:


can you give a hint? Thanks

As an example:


Ah, that's neat, basically switching layout visibility but in one screen. I would say that's a solution. Thanks a lot!

Eventhough the virture screen is a good solution. I find that i need to use the web inquire procedure on all screens. Is there any extension out there for such purpose (i was not able to find one on the internet)?

You will have to set it up on each screen you create. (think of additional screens as separate apps)

i mean an extension for web inquiry.

Search here

Maybe try this one?

Why do you need an extension to do this ?

to reduce redundance in my code, I guess. So that i can use a method in the extension every time i need it

We are going round in circles.... :upside_down_face:

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why is this relevant to what i am trying to do?

to use virture screens for all the screens, feel like a little too messy