Call procedure at specific time

I'm almost embarrased to ask about what seems to me to be a very basic issue. How do I call a procedure (or anything else, for that matter) at a specific time of day?

So let's say I want the app to show a notifier at 3 pm saying "It is three pm"


If the app is open during this time, that's no problem at all. Otherwise you can e.g. use Taifun's AlarmManager extension.

Yes, this is assuming the app is open. Sorry, I should have mentioned that

Am I missing something here? This is not working for me. Do I need to check the time every minute? Is that set clock1.timerenabled true block wrong?

Thanks for your help, Anke!


What is the current local time in your area?

It's just after midnight here. I just tried again with this, but it's not working.

Could that be because I need to re-initialize screen1?

Clock_Trigger.aia (1.9 KB)

It should work.

Connect to Companion, right mouse click on this block, "Do it" and post the result (like I did):

the "am" there is lowercase, with your's it's uppercase. Strange

It works now. For some reason, mine is lowercase, so I need to change that AM to am.

Thank you so much for your help!


Try this to get rid of this problem:

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or this:

I like this one. Thanks again.

Just one more question, why do we need to disable the timer afterwards?

because depending on the timer interval the clock might fire more than once

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