Call problem of a function

Hello to all of you,
I have a problem because the function that allows me to display a table is not called. However, I have the change in my layer ("Test"). Moreover when I do "Do it" on the function call "ChartMakerPlus1", the table appears on AI Companion .

Here are the blocks:

Thank for your help


Patience, patience.

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Im sorry I dont understand, what im suppose to do?

In Screen2.Initialize, you issue a Web Get, but then you immediately assume the return text has arrived and you try to display it immediately.

That's wrong.

Web text takes time to come back, like snail mail.

So trying to display the returned data should moved into the other event block, the When Web1.GotText block, after the block that grabs the text into that global variable.

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Humm... I tried but I can't do it, I tried with variables like this one, but without success, can you help me more?

Like this:


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While loops are very fussy—avoid them if you can. While Test = True is possibly the worst type of While loop that could exist, simply because it takes up a horde of memory.

Thank you very much, I understood and it works very well

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