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Hi all !! Hope you are all having a great day ! This is my app Call-O (I am still working on the name) With this app you can make phone calls to anyone in your contacts. You can also do group video calls and add members by sharing invites.

Credits- Video calls-
Idea to use jitsi meet for video calls- @Peter

I will be soon adding the screenshots of the working app .
It also available on my website- EYE Code

Download link-

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oh very sorry, i will just fix it

Now check it

you are not even asking for permission ? are you? for me its saying permission is denied pls change it from app settings not everyone will go to change it okay? ask permission on initialize.


So, you want the app not to ask for permition right ?

no i meant to ask


Hi, I did not get any response from you in the PM. Did you create an extra account? @CrazyRed-49 ? #off-topic

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Replied you in the PM, now i wish that you delete this message as its off topic.

Yes you heard it right, added some features and some bug fixes. Added permission as @Aarush_Kumar said. Have fun !

If you encounter any problems in the app, kindly PM me, as I am new to MIT APP INVENTOR, so I can make mistakes. @Aarush_Kumar pls try it out and tell me if it fixed the thing you said.

Download link is case you missed it-

Website link-
EYE Code


Correct spelling: permission

Good app though!


Thanks a lot, i edited it now.

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I was just testing with a emulator and ig there are no contacts in emulator so ig i wont be able to test further + i have exams so i dont have much time.


Same with me, exams starting from 2nd, that's why I am not very much active in the community :grin:

BTW thanks for your suggestion !


Yes it has been released ! Bug fixes and some people got ERROR 908 while running the app. Its all fixed and the new version is out. Have fun !

Download link in case you missed it-
Call_O.apk 3 (

Available on website too ! Website link-
EYE Code (

Thank you
Arnav Tiwari

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can you make an aia