CalendarView: Make simple calendar views

Ok, but I don't see any difference between true/false
(at least not with Companion).

Great extension, I'll use it, thanks!

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Yeah great!

@vknow360, it would be great if you add customizations like changing the selection color, next month's date preview, and more. Is it posible?

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This is possible.

This is not possible.
Those methods has been deprecated in Api 23.

Well too late to reply, but even I was testing on an emulator.

I am quite late :sweat_smile:

ChangeLog Version 1.2

New Blocks


com.sunny.calendar-v1.2.aix (7.2 KB)

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Well done, better late than never :slight_smile:

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It's a cool extension...
is it possible to add more dates and assign a label to add notes and appointments?

Unfortunately no.

It is an amazing app. could you please help me to set this calendar such that it should not allow dates previous to current date? Thanks

Welcome to community dear, the community, @vknow360 has not added min/max function in it, u can try an alternative to it :

This aix has min/max