Calendar work program help

Hello, I work in shifts, can you make a program for this?

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pls make your q/a more clear

4 shifts arrive every month within certain weeks, 3 shifts arrive every day. There is explanatory information in the calendar

Not really :upside_down_face:

You will need to give a detailed explanation of how the rota works, identifying each valid area as you go. You should also identify exactly what you want your app to do. These are things you should be doing on paper in any case as a part of the planning for your app.

Where, how, when ?


I see what you mean. Could you please translate the reference markings in the image?

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Ocakta 31 gun vardiyasi icin 80 saat hafta tatili sonra 16/24 saatleri arasinda calisiyor. onun vardiyaya sectigimde hangi ayda hangi gunlerde calisacak. onu çözüm programı istiyorum. yardimci olurmusunuz


Ocak = january

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What about the other 99 words in your picture?

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Turkish language