Calculation with decimal point

Hi, I have a calculation block in my app and sometimes the result is in decimal, like when 10÷3=3.33333...

I saw appinventor only calculates to 5 or some numbers after decimal and the result gets less accurate when you have less numbers after decimal point.

I want 10 or so numbers to be calculated after decimal, is that possible using extensions or any other way?


Hey @TIMAI2 thanks for replying but I don't think I understood this. (I'm new to appinventor)

If you could tell me how we can use this block to extend our calculations after decimal point, that would be great. :grinning:

Feed your calculation into this block, setting the number of decimal places you require...

I'll try it, thanks again

See the first link in

for the limits of AI2 precision.

Hi, I made an app to test app inventors precision and it seems it's only accurate to first 15 numbers after decimal.

Is there a way to calculate with high precision like that online high precision calculator? (Yes, I read the FAQ)

Yes, there is a repetition of 142857, but it is not repeation sequence of this in below execution,

Yes, it seems appinventor can't do high precision calculations out of the box.

And also it just adds zeros after some calculations.

Do we have a way to calculate with high precision?

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