Calculation app using thousand separator in text box

hello All ! ! i am try to designing a calculation app, but i can't format the text box with thousand separator, please help ...thank you very much :pray: :pray:

Either use an extension


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thank you dora_paz :pray: that two format i was try before, textutils & thousandizer, still can't direct input to textbox :pleading_face:

but i can use slider to format the number with textutils :slightly_smiling_face:

Try like this using TextUtils extension and @Taifun 's textbox extension. Modified @Anke 's blocks to work with MIT App Inventor

Design, two textboxes, both set to numbers only, one is hidden



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yes ! ! that is very great solution, thank you very much :pray: :pray:

but ! the screen is usable at first, when i turn around, the textbox can't be enabled, but it's all a good way, i try to modify it :relaxed: :relaxed: