Bypass login screen after login

1st i uninstall the previous version and install the new version. then when i open the app it is automatically opening screen 4. and my block is when screen 4 initializes tiny db to store value true. And when clear the data of my app then it works perfectly. So i uninstalled it again installed but same problem.
the below 1st block working fine but now not working.

i have also tried this but not working.

what am i doing wrong? Please help

I don't quite understand what the problem is. Screen 4 opens when it shouldn't or doesn't open at all?

Ref here. Already it is discussed

screen 4 opening automatically

In newer version of the app, if you rename the tinydb space name , it may be avoid

Even after clearing all app data?

namespace is same.. actually it was working but not working now

after clearing data it is working

And this is correct behavior. Me, if I was using your app, I wouldn't want to log in again after every app update. And if it's not logging, use another way to transfer information to the other screens, or clear the data from tinydb after opening the 4th screen.

for updating app its good but not for uninstall, as i read above this happens due to android backup data tiny db data even you uninstall the app

As mentioned above. You can change the Namespace property in the tinyDB component every time you update the app. Then the old data will not be read. But also when updating, users will be logged out. There is hardly any other solution. Apps have no control over what happens when uninstalling.

Instead of tinyDB you can use the file component, and store the tag in a space that will be removed with the app. App specific directory, there you can write data without write permission.

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