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Hi, I am a totaly beginer. I have made a very simple app. There are 3 fix and 1 empty coloums with several rows like this:

1 xxxx yyyyy ........
2 ssss lllllllllll ........

I have made a save button to save the 4. coloum's datas. I have tried several things, but it does not work. Or only one data was saved or only one data was in all 4. coloum or it does not work at all. I am totaly beginer so I have not got idea at all... Pls, help me

Thanks for your fast answer! Unfortunatelly it does not work. I have sent the screen of a test file. The original is same with 70 rows. There are changable datas only in 4. coloum.

you can use list, dictionaries, anycomponent ... but to start a simple way would be:

Sorry, I don't understand it. The '1', the 'x..x' and the 'yyy' are different labels. There are lots of rows, so are 200 labels. I dont' understand what is the '\n'. And I don't know what is the 3. block. I have not only one label. Or???
I try to send a mini file without blocks. It is similar like my app but there are only some row. Pls, could you make blocks?

teszt_copy.aia (4.9 KB)

I looked at your .aia, it has a design, but it has no blocks. And it has some really strange named asset files. If I open any of these in notepad++, they both say: [object Object]
which of course is not very meaningful.
You said you have 192 labels. Not in the .aia you sent, but that would be awful!!
Have you ever heard of lists? There are many tutorials for this, this is one of them

Maybe you can describe what your app should do, what the workflow is, o that we can better help you.

Hi, thanks dear Ghica,
Yes, it was a test file, but now I will send the original file. There are three fix coloums with datas (I have done this without import or lists :frowning:)
And there is a 4. coloum, and text boxes in first about 16 rows. I would like to write data to these and save it. I mean I will write to the first text box a data, and I want it to be there till I change. But, I can't do the saving. Now, the blocks are deleted, because they don't work. So, pls, if you can write what blocks make me to save 4. coloum, i would be very happy, because I try to know this for a day :frowning: :disappointed_relieved:

I can't send apk file, so I will send the desing and some blocks.

rutinok2.aia (7.7 KB)

To work with so much information it is better to use a list, dictionary, anycomponent ... but here I am sending you a simple app to get started.

teszt_prueba.aia (3.5 KB)

How did you manage to put this in your testz.aia ?...

But the three coloums are three different labels x 80 rows. Should I write these to boxes?

And the datas will be the top of the screen, not on the original text box.

Perhaps this might help:

Display List in Labels