Buttons in DIY Book Club introduction tutorial aren't working

Hello everyone, I’m learning how to develop apps and studiyng all tutorials, but in the DIY Book Club tutorial the buttons “Help with component Layout/Properties/Renaming” aren’t working. How could I ask for a help to fix the buttons and display the images that it should display?
Thanks in advance"

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Can you provide a link to the tutorial you are talking about?

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Hi Peter, I’m sorry for not including the link in the first post.
Here it goes:
https://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/app-building-guides (name DIY Book Club (Advanced)

Thanks in advance!

When I right-click the problematic buttons and then click in “inspect elements”, Chrome browser opens the “elements screen” and then I am able to navigate through the DIVs and other HTML components that are hidden.
This way I was able to access the gifs and other images that are only showed after the buttons are clicked.
So, the images are there, the problem appears to be in how HTML is handling them, maybe…

Thanks for the report. We are looking into it.

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Are the button images misbehaving in the app itself (Companion, emulator or built), or only in the Designer?
Your procedure would only help diagnose Designer display issues.

I believe Evan just fixed this can you please check?

YAY! Problem fixed. \o/

Thanks a lot guys!