Button with image dosn't work

When I use an image for the button, the image does not appear when compiling the application, although no error message appears

What is the solution to this problem?

Hi - welcome to the forum

You do not give enough information for us to help you.

  1. Is the image in the Project's Media list (Assets)?
  2. What is the image format (png, jpg, webp)?
  3. What are the image dimensions in pixels (Height, Width)?
  4. Has the image been compressed? (should not be compressed)
  5. The image does not appear in the compiled App (APK) - does it appear if you run the App in the Companion?
  6. What is the make, model and operating system of your device?

Hi, Are you sure its an image file that you're using? Does it have any of these file extensions? (.jpg, .png, .jfif)

I am having the same issue.
I assign a *.png to the command button, but it does not show, even before compilation.
I notice also, that if I replace the command button with a clickable image, the image still does not appear.

The images are not compressed, the measure 25 x 25 pixels, transparent or opaque background.
They do appear in, and operate normally, a chromebook connection(emulator?) but not in the companion. ( Samsung S8, latest upgrades, companion to a chromebook, Version 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (64-bit) )

Cheers anyone



Does your image have an extension, e.g. myImage.png ?

Does the image show if you preview it (right click on the image in the media folder) ?

Hi Tim. Yes. I created the image myself, it's as bona fide an image can be.

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The Button has a BackgroundColor attribute, right?

Make sure it is transparent to let the image show through.

Image should take precedence over background colour :slight_smile:

HelloPurr confirms.

I stand corrected.

I will try without the transparent background... again. Don't recall it making a different.

no difference whatsoever...

whaaat!?! it works now... just had to think about it, I guess.