Button in horizontal arrangement inside a vertical arrangement appearing in designer but not in phone

To whom this may concern

I have inserted a new button in vertical arrangement that is part of several vertical arrangements simulating screens. There are other older buttons in the arrangements working fine. There new labels free of horizontal arrangements working fine. However the new button is visible in the designer, but invisible in on the phone. Both button and horizontal arrangement are ofcourse set to visible in the right panel. Anyone have a solution?


Can you create a repeatable sample project of the problem?

Are you sure you are not using a table arrangement?

Double-check the sizing of the button. Is it an image button? Ensure the image is optimised for Android:


Maybe there is no more room for the button on your device screen?

Thank you all for the respons. There is room and there is no image. I have secured it is not in a table arrangement.

Post the aia or simple test aia.

Case fixed. I deleted the horizontal arrangement and made a new one. Now the button is visible as wished. Still no reason for the not visible horizontal arrangement.

There has to be a reason, it's just that when we are trying to find the cause of an issue in our own code it can be difficult because we are too familiar with it - yet someone else can look at the code and see the problem within minutes.

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