Button image does not appear

I've inserted 2 buttons, each one has an image and the buttons work but the image does not appear. I do knot know where the problem is.

Check the Background Color of the buttons.
If it is not clear, it would block the image.

Working OK here

Which image? Maybe it's white or transparent.

Hello Lorenzo

  1. Is the image in the App's Assets (Media)?
  2. Is it a supported file type (typically PNG or JPG)?
  3. Is it a similar size to the button, not a huge image?
  4. Is the image file name properly defined (e.g. myImage.png)?
  5. Does it display in the Media preview?

Small (but possibly unrelated) question: does the resolution of the file affect the image that appears? I thought App Inventor would just compress the image to fit in.

App Inventor does not do that - so, choose a file type that scales up well and produce an image that is only slightly dimensionally bigger than the button component. See my website about optimising images for Android. Best to avoid compressing images as the device has to decompress them to display.


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