Button Design with text & picture

Hi I want to make A Button design with text & picture both in button like this

This feature is available in kodular like this

Is their any way to make buttons like this?
Like any Extention or something like that.

I couldn't find an extension but if you know the exact dimensions of your buttons, you could try setting an image as background. The thing is, that you will have to edit your images, so that they don't cover the 100% of the button.


You could use an extension to make a HA or VA arrangememt clickable , so you can create a custom button


You can also use my LabelPlus extension. With it you can make fancy clickable buttons.


.... and there is this:


Hi @ChrisWard ,
In the extension it says to put something in properties-TypeFontIcon, what do I put in?
I would be grateful for any help?

Try default or sans-serif.

Hi @Nishyanth_Kumar,
Perfect, thank you
Do you know how to find the code for the icon, by any chance?
thank you

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