Button Clicking Not Working (Followed "yr_mood_starter 'Mood Ring' " project embedded tutorial exactly)

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, first day.

I followed the "yr_mood_starter 'Mood Ring' " project embedded tutorial exactly, and the button clicking functionality is not working.

I'm using the web-based version of MIT App Inventor, running 64bit OS with Windows 10.

Please help - I'm a coding instructor and I'd like to start teaching this in the schools... thanks.

After following the basic tutorial your blocks should look like this:


Do they ?

I added to this basic setup to reset the other two items when I click the third


Thanks for replying so quickly, it's appreciated.

Yes - my blocks look exactly like that (I only implemented the first set of blocks for the happyButton - and couldn't get it to work). See image of my code and the embedded tutorial step. .

How are you testing it?

By saving the project, then going back to the Designer tab and clicking the happyButton. I assumed it could be developed and tested w/in the web-based version...

Suggest you go back and work through the "Connect App" steps in the tutorial. You will need to connect your app project to the built-in emulator or a device running the companion app. That is where you test it.

(you can also set up an android emulator such as Genymotion or memuplay to run the companion app)


I see - thank you - will try.

Thanks - that worked.

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