Button alarm app help

I want it to sound alarm 30 seconds after I press the button.
how can I do that

There are many ways to sound an alarm after 30 seconds Yagiz.

Build a very basic alarm

Use a Clock component and a Player (to provide the sound you want to play for the alarm) and a Button.

Provide a sound file in your Media; perhaps alarm.mp3 as an example.

In the Screen1.Initialize event handler
Set the TimeInterval to 30000 (that is 30 seconds)
Set the TimerAlwaysFires to false
Set Player.Source to alarm.mp3 or whatever sound file you want to use
Set the TimerEnabled to true

In a Button
set Clock.TimerEnabled to true

In the Clock.Timer event handler
set Clock.TimerEnabled to false
call Player.Start
Set TimerEnabled to false

Try some Blocks. If you have issues, return here, show what you coded and someone will probably provide specific advice.

To explain my application simply,Pressing the button changes the color of the button,When the color of the button changes, the alarm sounds after 45 seconds. how can ı do

Use a set Button.BackgroundColor block to a color.
Instead of 30000 ms for the TimeInterval, use 45000 ms (45 seconds)

Show what you tried to get more advice.

ı do you say but , this should only be done if the button is a specific color, for example if the button color is yellow. how can ı do

Show what you have done sofar.