Built In Google Sheets Component for App Inventor

To kind of answer my own question: It can be done by removing individual columns and then replacing headers as in Pizza example. Still, would be nice to have more compact function for this common task.

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Consider it done! I've added a method ClearRange(String sheetName, String range) and an accompanying callback event for when it finishes.

I'll wait a little bit to see if there are any more suggestions before pushing the new method to the test server to send more features at once. I'll edit the original post (and this comment) once the test server has been updated!

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Great! This will save having to adjust column width after every save or when wanting to check data. Really enjoying this component! So cool that you can write functions such as =COUNT(K3:K) etc to paste in cells.

Is there a way of creating/adding a new sheet? I would like to add sheet based on name or date.

From a data management perspective, it is simpler to just add columns for name and date and then filter your queries by name and date.

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I am testing google sheet component at,


Whenever I am trying to build, it is giving error,

Build failed! ai2-buildserver-nightly-ewp.csail.mit.edu

Even those apps which have been built previously, if compiled again to export as .apk, same error is coming.

Thanks for the help.



Possible that the test server is not setup to build....

Thank you TIMAI2 for the reply. But I have used this server for building until yesterday. Since today morning this error is coming.

You would probably get a better response posting on the original announcement thread:

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I'm seeing a host not found exception on the server side, but the build server is up and I can resolve the name on my laptop. Not sure what's going on but for some reason the service at Google isn't able to find the buildserver at MIT.

Thank you ewpatton for the clarifications. If I understood correctly, it is not a problem with my connection or system. It is problem with Service at Google which maybe solved in sometime. At present there is nothing I can do from my side to solve it.

I have used the Google Sheets Component on test server, and develop a project to query, delete, add sheet data successfully. Many thanks to [Tommy](https://community.appinventor.mit.edu/u/Tommy_Heng).
When to go online can be placed in ai2? I want to embed this unit in my course, and teach many students to link data table and APP freely.

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I tried to use the write cell block but nothing changes to my spreadsheet

Hello, just wanted to know where can I find this component? I am unable to find it on the test server(https://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu)

The test server for this component can be found here (http://sheets-dot-ai2-ewpatton-temp.uc.r.appspot.com/ ). To clarify, this Google Sheets component is not a feature of the current release of App Inventor and is still under development. In order to use the Google Sheets component, you will need to use the test server linked above and download the companion from the test server by clicking Help > Companion Information . The download link for the test server's companion will be in the resulting pop-up

Below is a tutorial called The PizzaParty App which had previously used the Fusion Tables component. This tutorial has been updated to use the new Google Sheets component instead.

When I try to compile the app, it gives an error!
"The build failed! Connection refused"

Does anyone know why or how to help?

Which server are you using?
I hope not one of the test servers.

oh no..
I'm using http://sheets-dot-ai2-ewpatton-temp.uc.r.appspot.com/