Built App stuck in reloading loop, HELP!

Ok, so I am using the method of the pages on one by having them both on a full screen 'Horizontal Arrangement' each & it switches visibility between them when next or previous page bottoms are pressed.

Now to the issue, the first page (bluetooth page(Arrangement)) seams to keep being reloaded or "Visibility True" repeating.

I can't find anything in my blocks that could be doing it, the only time the 'Bluetooth Arrangment' is set to visible is upon 'initialisation' of the "Actual Page" or when ('back press' if 'Bluetooth Arrangment' 'visable' == 'false').

The worst part is the app works floorless in the the companion App.

Could this be caused by the 'Bluetooth Arrangment' "visible" box being checked in the design view, only thing I can think of.

So I couldn't help but notice it was almost perfectly repetitive like a timer, so I looked through and the only thing that has a timer that relates to the 'bluetooth page' is on the splash screen, I deleted the timer that changed from the splash screen to the main screen so you have to touch the screen to change it it's fixed. I'll try my best to recreate the issue and document if for anyone else in the future.

The devil can be in the Designer Palette when it comes to both of those Objects - Virtual Screens and Clock Timers. Best to set and control those via Blocks only (so deselect options in the Designer).

Note that 99.99% of Apps do not need a Clock Timer set to "Timer Always Fires" and a Timer should only be enabled at the point in the code when it is required. Also, disable the Timers when they are not required and when the App is exited.

Virtual Screens are usually Vertical Arrangements or Scrollable Vertical Arrangements to have the same behaviour as a Screen.

Concerning your Splash, the timer Block can disable the timer. Save a flag in TinyDb so that what ever launches the splash first checks TinyDb to see if the splash has already been displayed.

Thank you very much for the amazing insight, I have managed to reintroduce the fault, it came down to a 2 sec timer on the splash screen that for some reason kept triggering the Bluetooth Virtual screen to reload. what can be done to a timer to stop it interrupting a page it isn't called upon on

thanks again

Don't leave Timers Enabled in the Designer.

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