Building the apk

In the appinventor I created some databases. When I build the apk and install the application on my Smartphone,
are there the databases in the apk package?

If you mean data, and this is a tinydb then no, the database will be there though.

I continue in German as I can’t explain it in English.
Ich meine die Daten, die ich im Test mit appinventor in die tinyDB geladen habe.
Wenn diese nicht in der apk enthalten sind, wie kann ich diese auf mein Smartphone ĂĽbertragen?

after installing, your app starts with an empty TinyDB…
you might want to store your data in a text file, store that in the assets of the app and read it on first run to import it into TinyDB…

usually you would use a file in csv format, which could be transfomed easily into a list or list of lists…

alternatively use an SQlite databse and import an initial database also on first run of the app, see for example


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