Building project stuck at compiling source files

Por mas que intente, no logro compilar mi proyecto, necesito su ayuda si alguien puede orientarme,

Hello Vulca

Have you got this far?

Build APK

If so - is there an error message? We need to see it.

Petroleo_4.0_2.aia (85.7 KB)
Ese es el problema que sale al intentar compilar, y si , llevo dias buscando la solucion, baje la resolucion del icono y no se , favor

The only thing I noticed is you have a strange package name. Project imported from another builder or manually edited?

Is the project in a folder? Try moving it to the root folder.

No, tal vez es donde le inclui las respuestas ligadas a una hoja de excel en drive? En el emulador me funciona pero no para descargar apk, ademas no es un proyecto grande ni complicado

Do a search for compiling source files here in the community

It's because of you project name, it contains dot in the name..

Do save your project as and name it without the dot in the name or use this
Petroleo_40_1.aia (85.7 KB)


P.S. Don't know how you've managed to name it that way as it shouldn't be possible.

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Pude compilarla pero no puedo abrirla, sera el modelo de celular?

Uninstall previously installed app then try again.

If you have defined your own App Icon, remove that for now and just allow App Inventor to default to it's standard one.

Volvi a realizar cada uno de los pasos que me han indicado y no puedo abrirlo, sigue insistiendo que es un archivo dañado y no puedo abrirlo

Please share your APK by uploading it to Google Drive.

P.S. Don't forget to share the link as well

Este es el link del APK.
Mil gracias por revisarlo

You didn't remove the App Icon? It cannot be a .jpg and it's size and shape is completely wrong too (1212 x 278)! Note, do not change the App Version Code or Version Name! They should stay as-is for the first release of your App.

Try this, tested here as an APK on Android 10:
Petroleo_4_0_2_edit.aia (112.4 KB)

I see what's going on, name change didn't go through for your project as expected and thereby your apk contained 2 name paths and hence corrupt apk..


Download the aia from here


Agradecida, en serio que me salvaron todos aqui y de paso aprendi un poco más

There is a lot to learn in App Inventor :grin:

Some simple things:

  1. Do not remove the component type from it's name, naming like this:

TextBox_ing_patente makes the code easier to follow. For example, should the last value here be from the Label or from the TextBox?


Using Horizontal Arrangements would allow you to space the Components neatly and using % sizes ensure the same look and feel on a range of different Smart Phones.

Take a look at this:
Petroleo_4_0_2_edit2.aia (25.2 KB)


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