Building an application that can acces Dapp on ethereum through Wallet Connect

Hello everyone, I'm trying to build an application that given a private key and a public key can acces Dapp on ethereum and interact with it (I have an extension that can sign transactions).
My guess was that I was going to use Wallet connect. Here is the chart of how wallet connect works to establish a connection:

What I don't know is how App inventor can be able to acces the Display URI without using a QR code (part 2 of the chart). I want my wallet to automatically receive the wc URI to establish the connection so it can then transfer the session status.

Here is what I've got so far :

Thanks for your help

Currently, this is all the community knows about ethereum:

hi, can you share this extension you are using to sign transactions?

Extension Links


Lost Extensions 1
Inactive Communities

Lost Extensions 2

There is no working blockchain extension in the links you shared, and I have a request can somebody make a tutorial on how to use walletconnect with app inventor?
Thank you.

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Any news on this feature? Coukld you get something?