Buildable, a new way to create apps for all operative sistems

Hello everyione I'm an Italian developer and I founded "Verdev Web", I want to share with all Kodular, App Inventor comunity this new web app builder.
It will be very similar to Kodular, App Inventor and you will create apps for all device and operative sistems connected with Firebase and so much other components.

This is a little spoiler:

We will launch Buildable soon so if you want you can join the official Telegram Buildable chat from this link:

It will be free but we will need to implement ads and a paid plan for maintaining our services and take a profit from the hard work for creating this editor.
Let we know if you will try it.
If you want you can also ask for questions and components for upgrading your user experience using Buildable.

Thank you for spending 10 minutes of your time reading this, I hope there will be many of you!