Build stuck at "preparing application icon"

I tried the previous tutorial, but I didn't succeed. Please help me with this error.

Smart_Locker_v1_mod (2).aia (1.3 MB)

Use a reasonable size of the application icon
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Please accept my apologies. I'm new and trying to learn how to build applications on this site.

Adaptive icons: Specify an app icon 512 x 512 pixels 24bit PNG format. The App Inventor Build Server will generate icons for every available icon size and shape needed for Android.


Make the image file for the App icon 96pix x 96pix, 24bit PNG (This is the average size for Smartphones).

Zero Compression? An image cannot be displayed compressed, it has to be decompressed and then loaded to memory. If the image is large, Smartphones may be unable to decompress and the App launch will fail.

24 bit? A wide range of colours (approx 16.7 million), no transparency.

The best format for in-App images (but not the App Icon) is Webp. It has the quality of png but uses less memory, making the App smaller overall and launching/swapping Screens faster.

ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks Images
ProfessorCad: Tips & Tricks GUI Layout

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Great thank you solved my problem

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