Build limitations

Good morning,

I've seen there seems to be a limitation regarding the number of APK builds per day.
How often per day can I build a APK of my project - with/without Google login?

Is there a place where I can see all limitations appinventor has?


There shouldn't be a limit on the number of builds you can have. There is only a limitation on the size of your app, which is 30 MB (most users don't even go close to this limit).

So, do you know about any technical issues yesterday?

What I have seen yesterday is that from a specific point latest app changes where'nt in the APK built. On the other hand I didn't get any error messages. That's why I am asking about limitations.

Why you need to build an apk many times?
If you are testing/debug your app, you need to learn how to debug with Ai2companion, not build an apk for every change in your app.

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Thank you very much for this 'helpfull' contribution. But the last thing i need is an Indoktrination. An Answer to my question instead will be appreciated. Thank you.

  1. There were, to my knowledge, no technical issues yesterday
  2. There are no limitations to the number of times you can build an apk, the servers may be full occasionally
  1. We will leave you to your own devices from now on then.