"Build" in the app Inventor

Hello, I just started with app inventor and after finish the first app, i tried the option of " Build" from the menu, so it creates .apk file, or QR code, but when i tried both option on my android device to setup the app, nothing happen, and just open empty browser or last browsing page , even i cannot find the file in the download section on the mobile when i send it by any mean

  1. Have you allowed install apps from unknown sources in your settings?
  2. If copying the apk to your mobile device manually, you should know the directory files go to?
  3. In your file manager, press on the file, default action should be to install

No , i didnot

is it recommended when work with students to enable install apps from unknown source ?

if it is an already discussed steps for the 3 options you mentioned,please guide me to the past discussion about how to do the 3 options you mentioned , thx

  1. See the link below, this should answer your questions:

  2. I do not know which method you are using to transfer files to your android device, or which File Manager you use, it is difficult to be specific.

What is your suggestions for all of this?

What do you need help with ?

What should I use and do to take the app created by app inventor to be fully functioned on Android mobile

If you build to create a QR Code, use the companion app to either scan the qr code or type in the 6 digit number. it should then download and offer to install the app.

If you build the apk to save on your computer, the ai2 program will offer to save to your default download directory on your computer. You then need to transfer the apk file to your android device. Once this is done, find the apk file on your android device using your file manager, press on the file and you should be offered to install.

…transfer the apk file to your android device via USB Cable. When you first connect an Android device to a Windows PC via a USB Cable, you should be prompted to install a usb bridge - a simple software that makes it possible for the two OS systems to share files.

Incidentally - you mentioned working with students - are they on a School/College/university network? If so, it might be the case that the IT department have something in place to guard against malicious software. If App Inventor is unknown to them, that could be an issue.

https://www.professorcad.co.uk/appinventortips#TipsSetupTrouble (Inc IT Help for Schools)