Build failed in custom ai2

Hi guys i am recently trying to achieve custom ai2 though i happened to come across a problem the build if failing? idk why .

Screenshots -

AS per the second image it states that dx.jar is missing so how to resolve i tried running ant but no change it is happening everytime.

Have you done any changes?

i have only done changes in to add a new textinput for package name and provide it package name from the dialog.

So you are trying to add custom package name in your system?

yes but through new project dialog and not property

Your error is unable to find the required library: /tools/dx.jar

so my question is have changed anything in buildserver/build.xml file like this line is available or not <copy toFile="${public.deps.dir}/dx.jar" file="${lib.dir}/android/tools/dx.jar" />

and -

well i just saw my RunLocalBuildServer cmd prompt and its output is really strange -

ai2log.txt (522.4 KB)
too big thats why file

You should be checking buildserver/build.xml, not components/build.xml, as the former is used to set up the file structure for builds. There should be a reference to dx.jar there where it is copied to the tools directory. You may want to try cleaning the buildserver module and rebuilding it.

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Thank you so much i just checked that file i was shocked there was no dx.jar reference i just updated my build.xml and my android/tools folder to latest and it starts building.

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