Build app for Play Store (after 1 August 2020 and prior to release of nb187)

Dear Community,
If I create new app for Google Play Store, what should I do? :

  1. Create project in --> load project into --> build aab


  1. Create project in and build aab from there.

Thanks for your help.

Welcome @via to our community!

AABs and APKs can be both sent to Google Play, but AABs are more efficient. It's up to you.

From August 1st you can only send apks to Google Play for apps already there. For new apps you can only upload AAB. You shouldn't use the test server for sending aabs to Google Play yet, only if you want to experiment with the new functions not for production apps.


OK sure I thought I can :sweat_smile:

Thank you @Gordon_Lu. Nice to be part of community.
@Peter does it mean that we cannot publish new app built with ai2 at all?

It means you cannot publish your new app on Google until MIT releases version nb187 of App Inventor 2.
There are still numerous bugs. It was hoped to launch 1 August. When will it be available? When MIT fixes the bugs.

Thank you @SteveJG, @Peter.
Hopefully the bugs can be fixed very soon. Fingers crossed.

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