Build apk fails

After setting build server, when we try to build apk, it shows this error, " Build failed protocol = http host = null"

Where are you seeing this error? Have you correctly configured the settings in appengine-web.xml?

Thanks for your reply sir,
, in this we have replaced localhost to our hosted server url and we have also mentioned project-id in . Is there anything else to do?

You will also need to specify the appengine host URL if you aren't actually running in Google App Engine.

We have deployed the app in appengine, and we want to maintain build server in our own server, is that ok or should we maintain both of them in appengine??

You can run the buildserver anywhere. You just need to make sure that you set the host:port correctly in appengine-web.xml. We typically run the buildservers on an internal cloud infrastructure here at MIT but we've also run them in AWS as a backup to the main system.

We have given the host as the hostname of our server and port as 9990, It works perfectly in localhost:8888, but when we deploy in appengine, it shows "Build Failed! (hostname)"

It's possible that App Engine can't solve the hostname by DNS. Make sure your A record in DNS is correct, or try specifying the IP address of the server instead to confirm. You'll also need to make sure that you've included a firewall allowance for port 9990 at whichever cloud provider you're using for hosting the buildserver.

Thank you sir

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