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I have an idea for an app. I am not from computer background and don’t know how to develop an app. Is there someone who would like to listen to my idea and collaborate. If someone is interested please contact removed by mod


Please don’t post personal information on the community. I removed your mail adres. Why not present you idea here. We have a lot of users who are willing to listen.

I want to create an app which is a sound recorder. The app will keep running in background. If you ask about the final functionality than I would want that if the user clicks the volume up button twice then the recorder starts recording. The volume down button click stops the recording. The recording gets saved with a name of todays date + a number n where n increments with +1 every time the event occur.
Then whenever Play button is clicked then all the recordings of the day should play on after the another.
This will act as an easy daily memo recorder which can be heard at the end of the day to remember any events, incidents, ideas, expenses etc.
Can someone help me in developing such an app.

the most hard thing :smile: your idea can be done by app inventor platforms but we can't keep the app running in background we don't have this feature in app inventor

Regarding the term "background", see here: