Bugs with the (new) File component

I have found a number of bugs with the File component and have already reported some of them.
To keep it clearer, more bugs should / can be posted here.

1. mp4 file from assets not found on Android 11 with Companion (APK works, on Android 9 both work):

Feel free to add unique bug threads to my FAQ at

I can no longer keep up with the bug reports, they are outside my areas of expertise.

By referring late comers with duplicate bugs to the FAQ,
they should have a place to look for primary information on their bug(s).

The file component is a joke at this point. Try moving a file from the assets to a shared folder. In production apk. It crashes and goes to "desktop"

@anonwins Your post does not provide an aia file to test, a note indicating the Android version and other information that could help debugging. The information is essentially useless ( a joke) :cry: because it does not provide the information necessary to replicate the behavior you observe.

Bug reports are useful only if they provide information sufficient for the developers to test.
Please provide an example. Thanks.

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this is a known issue, see here Test "copy file from assets to shared directory and read it from there" in ai-test - #6 by Taifun

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I made a tool to check the behavior of file component vs taifunfile. Taifunfile behaves normally but various commands to the file component cause the app to crash.

I guess it's related to not having permissions to edit other applications files (including previous installation of same app). So I'm not sure if first time trying will reproduce the problem, perhaps it needs re-installation

I'm on android 11 just installed new update lineageOS

The idea was that only (new) bugs should be reported here:

Bug 1 ...
Bug 2 ...

Now the topic is growing out again in discussions ...
and it is getting more cumbersome to follow the (new) bugs.

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actually we already have the Bugs and Other Issues and Other Issues category for this...

Yes, and that's exactly where I placed the topic and wanted to suggest that only (new) bugs be posted there in order to keep it clear.

Your app crashes because you set the scope for the source file to the app instead of assets.

Instead of building a universal app with many variables and routines creating paths, make an app that shows one bug, with simple blocks that make it easy to understand what's going on. It also makes no sense to compare the file component with the extensions. We're not looking for differences between the components, just bugs in the file component.


Yeah it crashes anyway and I don't think it's supposed to. A simple error notification would suffice. It's a bug, I didn't know that it was already reported. Now that I've seen the relevant threads I report that I didn't see any new bugs.