Bugs and issues of the MIT's site

firstly is too complicated give feedback. secondly I have to click several times to open my project: i can’t work at all . it’s the same for Ai companion: to connect with it, i have to retry several times until I can use the app. I hope that the site will solve sooner these issues
(editted for language)

Hello Lorenzo

We have no other reports of these issues with the App Inventor site. It could indeed be something at your end.

You have not mentioned your environment but I'm assuming you are working from home:

  1. Check your Broadband Speed
  2. Make sure someone else is not using up the broadband width (PC/Tablet/TV)
  3. Ensure you are using FireFox or Chrome Browser (only)
  4. Clear the Cache
  5. Only run App Inventor in the Browser

thanks for your answer but I have done all these things before, so I think that is a bug or an issue of the site

The site is working fine for most people, there must be some issue at your end of things....