Bug n194 - not possible to scroll to the bottom of the projects list

In main UI AppInventor I'm not able to scroll through my projects.

In my case both Firefox and Chrome has the same issue..

I might have been to quick with this, on first load of ai2.appinventor.mit.edu I experience the above issue but by entering an project and back to projects list it works..

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Yes, the right scrollbar is only available after opening a project and returning to the project overview / list.

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Same applies to projects in the Trash, no scrolling there either.

Also, attempting to delete all projects from Trash crashes the call to the server with a 500 error


(Should this be a separate bug ?)

I haven't reproduced this error on ai2 with a naive test of trash with 5 projects in it. Could there be more to it? Can you verify that it is still happening for you?

I tried with about 50/25/15 projects and got the error. Less than that seemed to work OK.

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I have a fix in review for the scrolling issue.


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