Bug n194 - not possible to export multiple projects

Main UI AppInventor

Not able to export multiple projects to computer.


Will export a single project OK


This may be related to the main server on nb194 failing to build Projects glitch.

but this works

OK, I reproduce this. Looking at it.

It's solved in latest n194b version, we can export multiple projects :+1:

Still not working for me....

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Google Chrome: Version 116.0.5845.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Tried on Safari iPad Morning,

Tried just now on mobile Chrome browser and works fine.

Export All Projects is not the same as exporting selected projects. Confirmed that exporting all projects does still work. Exporting selected projects does not work on either Firefox or Chrome for Mac.

FWIW, Export All Projects has never worked for me. Seems to start up OK, with a message bottom left corner, then appears to timeout. Hence why I (used to) just export a few (20-30) at a time. I did just test again - Export All Projects, using n194b, with @ 30 projects in Projects (with a folder), and same result, no projects downloaded.

YES, I Agree that Export All Projects Work and Selected Projects Doesn't.

Also Tried with a Folder and Export All Projects works for me

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Same here. But I checked it again now with only 14, 20 and 22 projects (mixed small and big ones) and it worked in all cases. So I guess there is a limit. I probably had at least 70 projects.

In Google App Engine requests have a hard lifetime of 60 seconds and any request that hits this limit is immediately killed without warning. Unfortunately, this means that people with many projects may not be able to export them all in one go because the time to export all projects is linear in the number of projects. There are also memory constraints, e.g., if you have 30 projects x 30 MB each that's almost 1 GB of projects, which is more memory than a single App Engine process is allocated.

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