Bug In Copy Paste

Hello, can anybody help me? My app is keeping in a bug after I copy paste horizontalarrangement. I already out from the web, but when I'm in, it bug again. I'm doing my school project, please help me.

Just click Cancel.
Or if you are willing to help (by sending the error log to MIT), then you can click on OK. A new web page opens and there you can report/send the error log.

I already send the error, but nothing change until now. Thanks for ur reply

It is a known bug.
Just avoid pasting inside arrangements. (I hope your designer hasn't been spoilt)

thank you. Now, I'm redoing my program :slight_smile: . I think that's the best way


If you send us the broken project we can usually correct it. It will also help us understand exactly what went wrong when you copy and pasted.

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Similikiti.aia (1.2 MB) here's the aia. Thank you

Raina, your can-do approach to coding will serve you well. :grin: Many people on this forum just do not understand that there are always bumps in the road when writing programs.

If you could export your project and post it here, it would help us to improve App Inventor.


Hi, ChrisWard. Thank you so much. I redoing the program and my design because I'm in hurry to finish my school project :grin:. Here's my aia: Similikiti.aia (1.2 MB)

Known issue with pasting components to the table.

It might be a good idea to use Horizontal Arrangements rather than a Table.

Also, a couple of things with images:

  1. Give images short, meaningful names (Not th(1), th(2) etc :upside_down_face:)
  2. Use PNG format, it scales better than JFIF

Hey, Chrisward! Thank you very much! I will fix it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: