Bug in Class "ComponentProcessor"

With the lastet version of appinventor-sources, extensions don’t show the help link “More Information”, even if there is a correct URL.
I found “helpURL” is overwritten in ComponentProcessor.processDescriptions with the description string:
info.helpUrl = info.description.replaceAll(TYPE_PLACEHOLDER, name);

After deleting this line, “More Information” appears again and works as expected.


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Thanks for reporting it. We had that same bug at Kodular, and we thought it was an issue with our sources, not with AI itself.
If you want, open a PR to appinventor-sources. I will also make tests and see if it totally fixes it.

Yes, we should fix this. But it would also be useful if any PR includes a regression test so that we catch if a future change breaks the functionality before it’s merged.

Did you fix it in the latest version? Can I download it without recreating the problem?

Yes, it has been fixed with this commit:

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