Bug i can t manage to solve: select list item cannot accept the argument

Hi, i don t find the answer about this error message. Could someone help me...all the possible blocks where we can find the error are on the pic. Thank you

Hello, can you make the blocks English? I cannot read them.

Your blocks image is very blurry and difficult to read.

I presume you have debugged your app using Do It ?

We do not know when your error occurs. you probably do.
remove all the blocks from the event that causes the error, then add them back piece by piece until you identify the problem blocks

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Use google translate
typing in the words you do not understand


Learn French

It will be pretty hard to translate all of the blocks. If he translates them, it will be a lot easier. And I am probably not going to learn french.

Your problem is


which is occuring in one of your Blocks that looks like this in French

in English.

The error occurs in something you import that contains the word test . See Erreur d'execution pop up.

Most here are English speakers Daniel or have English as a second language. When asking for
help regarding a block of code, it would be helpful to display the Blocks you would like us to review in English. You can use this MENU
ListError4 to temporarily switch the compiler display language from French to English; print the Block images, then return happily to French.