Bug fixing in a beginners game

so I'm making a game where you have to fit an image(randomly generates) into a category
and I ran into a few problems

making a game

  1. when you flung the item it will change the direction the item is heading to(the item rotates)
    2.when image sprite 1 (item) collides with 1 of the other image sprite, it's supposed to add a point to your score and get the image sprite to the beginning of the app again' but with a different picture.
    in reality, the image sprite just stays there and nothing happens.
    3.the app is supposed to generate a random image but it gives the same image over and over.

btw the game is based on a game called "כתומולו" (it's in hebrew)
so if anyone wanna check the game in the app store and understand better what i'm tryna do
thanks to whoever answers this.

Since you are not sharing your code Blocks and it is impossible to help with a specific recommendation,
you can use the Creating Animated Apps tutorial to show how to use ImageSprites on a Canvas. After reading (rereading) this advice you might debug your app with the advice it provides . It shows examples of how to use sprites.

Hope the tutorial helps. If you continue to have issues, please ask again in this topic.

tysm, if anything goes wrong I'll write again