BUG: Companion VS QRcode

Hi! I wanna notify a critical bug. When I debug the app with AI Companion everything is working right, but when it’s compiled and download by QR code (I guess the same if I download the .apk directly) appears some bug as I show in the screenshots where the time picker looks bad. Also some buttons and slicers are shown in a wrong way.

Any solution? Could someone check it?

What are the values of the PrimaryColor and AccentColor properties on Screen1?

Both are default, kind of blues due I am using the Theme “Device Default”.
I have just tried changing the Theme but same.

What version of Android and which device manufacturer?

Android 8.1.0, Aquaris X by BQ.

Any solution?

Post a simple test aia of this issue and / or this:

Click on this image to expand.

I have just set the Properties as you show me and still the same problem.
Here is the test .aia
test.aia (507.7 KB)

Post a simple test aia

Here it is, simple and still giving me the same problem.

Test2.aia (474.1 KB)

It seems like this is potentially a device/manufacturer specific issue. I tried building a simple app with the TimePicker and device default theme. I installed it on my Google Pixel running Android 8.1. The time picker window showed with the correct colors. I’m wondering if you could give us a screenshot of the native calendar app’s time picker from your device for comparison?

This is the timepicker of the default calendar in my phone.

I also tried in a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite and the problem is the same. Could you tried with the Test2.aia in your phone if it works fine?

SOLVED! It was soo stupid, the problem was that I had selected AccentColor as None. I had tried changed it and putting all as default as you told me, but using de QR code to upload, the QR reader seems to open a new link but sometimes dowload the last one so I was trying the same app again and again. Sorry for the inconvenient.

Glad you were able to figure it out.

If you follow this pattern often, you may want to try using the companion version numbers ending with u, as these install directly rather than going through your phone’s browser. You can install 2.58u by scanning the QR code under Help > Companion Information in App Inventor. This will reduce the chances of you accidentally installing an “old” version from your downloads.

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