BUG: clock.MakeInstant on iOS limited to AM

The clock component's MakeInstant block cannot interpret afternoon (PM) times. Try:
Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 3.37.20 PM

  • On iOS Companion App version 2.60 (build 8) this results in: (The operation FormatDate cannot accept the arguments: , [*nothing*], ["a"] Bad arguments to FormatDate
  • On Android Companion App version 2.62 this results in: "PM" being displayed in Label1.

On iOS MakeInstant is also unable to interpret "12/17/2021 06:25:00 PM" which Android is successful with.

Because of these two problems, I can't figure out a way to create an afternoon instant from a text string. :thinking:

Inconsistent Documentation
The help reference for MakeInstant says the time should be in the format of "hh:mm:ss". Android is properly interpreting "HH:mm:ss" (note the capitalization). I suggest changing the documentation use the capitalization to be consistent with the SimpleDateFormat as referenced in clock's FormateDateTime functions.