BT connects to Galaxy S8 phone, but not Galaxy Note 10+

Hi all,

My App uses BT to get data from an ESP-32.

With the app loaded on AI Companion, it works on both the S8 and Note 10+ devices, but when I load the APK to the phones, the list-picker to select the BT device works on the S8, but shows a blank screen on the Note10+

Could someone have a look at my App blocks and help me .... any advice will be welcome - I am quite new to this environment ...

Scale_V7.aia (11.0 KB)

Cheers, Charles

Are you using the classic bluetooth component or the ble extension? What Android is on the Note 10?

I looked at your file. I don't see extensions there, so I'm assuming you're using bluetooth classic. Then you need to ask for permissions:

(Canned Response ABG - Bluetooth non-BLE SCAN Permission Blocks)

These blocks can be dragged into your Blocks Editor to request permission(s) for Bluetooth non-BLE scanning and connecting. All three parts are needed.

You also will need to pull in TinyDB into your project.

Thanks to @Anke for the original code.
My changes include

  • use of the Screen1 permission blocks to avoid the possibility of a typo
  • using a TinyDB tag particular to BT permissions and only for BT permissions.

Scale_V7a.aia (15.9 KB)

Yes, no permissions required on Android 9 (< 12), but on Android > 11.

Thankyou Anke and Patryk, I will do as you say, and report back.