[BROWSERS-ONLY] AI2 Tools Bundle - A bundle of all App Inventor tools you can imagine!


AI2 Tools Bundle

A bundle of all App Inventor tools you can imagine!

Version 1.2


I have created a "shortcut" extension to quickly get app development done. You can click each button to directly go to that site.

You don't need to hunt for almost all AI2 links anymore, if you use this extension!


I hope you understood the meaning of this extension.

--: : :--

To install the extension, you have to download the ZIP file.

Download link: Click here to go to the 'Downloads' section!

--: : :--

Let's go to the next step!

You have to extract the ZIP file to a folder.

Next, go to the sidebar menu in your browser and click on 'Extensions'

NOTE: Some steps might differ!

--: : :--

Toggle the 'Developer Mode' switch

--: : :--

Click on 'Load unpacked' and browse for the extracted folder.

--: : :--

Click the 'Extension Refresh' button.

Now it is installed


Pin and click the extension icon. Click any of the buttons to open the appropriate link.

A page will open on a new tab.


Download link: Click here to download (I promise it's safe)


Uninstall and reinstall it with new version


Tested on Brave browser, Windows 8.1 (should work on all operating systems and browsers)

Tested on MS Edge

The extension is guaranteed to work with Firefox and Opera.


This extension is open-source.

Right click on the ZIP file, extract it, open the extracted folder, and you will get the source code!


Credits to everyone who has provided the links.

Credits to myself and my brother for building the rest.

Credits to myself for designing the icon.

Credits to @Alireza_Sharifi for designing the button icons.

Thanks. Please reply if you need any help!

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Not working...

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Yes :+1:

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It should now work. Please check.

To @Alireza_Sharifi also.


Now worked :wink:

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Thank you!

This extension also works on Brave browser.

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Good Extension :+1: :+1:

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(All browsers that can load unpacked extension) :wink:

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Not exactly. Opera, one of my favorite browsers, is not Chromium (although it uses some features used in Chromium browsers).

Plus, here are some notes.

  1. Taifun's Extensions Directory is not the official extensions directory. The real official one is here, by the MIT.

  2. Also, I would suggest you to change all of those to icons that would be clearer and easier for non-English users before I leave a like here. :slight_smile:


I not using opera
can opera Load Unpacked Extension?

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Yes, it's the same.


It would be better if somebody designed the button icons :slight_smile:

Doubts to be clarified

Thanks. I have added in Version 1.1 (releasing today midnight)

Can you please design the icons? and compare with my icons via PM for the best ? :slight_smile:

Otherwise it will be delayed.

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Also Change "AI2 Power users faq" link to Latest Frequently Asked Questions topics - MIT App Inventor Community

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The APP ICON CONVERTER is really no longer relevant for today's apps.


This isn't the community page. This is the old FAQ.

I will add a button in Versions 1.2 to avoid confusion

I'm creating an extension page for converting icons :slight_smile:

See Above

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I edited above
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did not see the categories because of dark mode extension

Sorry :sweat:

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