Break incoming phone call

is there a way to force stop (break) incoming phone call when ringing, for example after 2 - 3 rings or 2-3 seconds?
Thank you

Probably not. What can be done is discussed here PhoneCall

You can experiment with:

PhoneCallStarted( status , phoneNumber )

Event indicating that a phone call has started. The status can be any of:

  • 1 : Incoming call is ringing
  • 2 : Outgoing call is dialled

You might be able to use a Clock to continually check for #1 and if status is 1, abort the call but I expect not possible to do this automatically because there is no PhoneCallEnd event handler .
This means you could set a cue that would enable the USER to use the phone’s app to abort the call manually. A problem is this might terminate the call when your phone stops ringing and you answer the call.

Another possibility is use an intent to shut the phones phone call app . Will that work? ??? Experiment and let us know.


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Thank you Steve, aborting automatically an incoming phone call is what I do need.
I’ll try using intent.
Someone has other ideas how to solve ?

Found it out Hardway. Its a workaround and not app inventor code . Use Callblocker app which disconnects all calls except those put in its white List