Bottom navigation menu hiding canvas

i dont know how to fix this besides guessing where the object goes and putting it down there, this isnt ideal as i cannot move these around or see what happens when editing the game, what should i do?

Please show your relevant blocks and designer with components visible. It is not obvious what the problem is.

You may need to share your aia project here

ok, will do, the main problem is when playing the game the area at the bottom leaves an empty space that can be used to skip gameplay.
game.aia (789.6 KB)

Looks OK (?) on my phone

If the issue is in the designer, try switching to Tablet

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on the 1st level i managed to pull everything down and guess where it should go, but on levels 2 through 5 it gets more difficult to do this as complexity increases.

does switching to tablet change anything with the location of things? either way i will try it :+1:

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