Booking extension is needed [Paid task]

Dear App Inventor Geeks,

I searched for a lot of extensions but didn't find what i'm looking for, i'm looking to buy an extension to do these features

1- book via time picking
2- book via date picking
3- book via canvas or basic drawing of let's say for simple example [ table view of chairs like a bus , cinema hall ... whatever ]

these only things and functionalities are needed.

similar to these examples but highly preferable embeded not as webview

time picker : Material Design RTL Time Picker Example
date picker : Zebra_DatePicker examples

seats picker : jQuery flexiSeats Plugin Demo

it must work with MIT app inventor or other platforms. [ edited ] i meant it should work at least on MIT app inventor because it's the original platform for making apk apps
please list your price so i can order it from you.

thank you all.

Not quite sure why you need an extension for this, it looks like most if not all can be done with the built-in components and blocks?

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why is this?

You can't stop the extension code from working on other platforms!

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I don't mean it can't work on other platforms but at least make it for app inventor which is the basis of all these other copycat apk makers platforms

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Actually i tried the calendar function and extension but when it starts it shows January 1900 by default , plus it's useful extension and I'm the first guaranteed buyer.

these 3 functionalities will speed up apps making process.

You can ! ... .

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Can these functions be replaced with the built-in DatePicker and TimePicker components?


tell me how

Sure, but you will need TinyDB for the storage or CloudDB for account ways of storage...

the already built in time picker and date picker are much old built , i saw it as UI theme is way far than what i wrote above in examples , you can check that by yourself too.

You can probably confirm by checking if a component exists or not because kodular has many components that ai2 does not have so you can take any component that does not exists in ai2 to check.

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Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hope you are fine

I can assist you with the same.

I am looking forward for your kind attention.

Thanks, and Regards,
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