Bold label in runtime

I want to convert to BOLD the font type in runtime for a label. That's easy to do in design time by clicking the corresponding "FontBold" in the properties section. But this property is not available (as far as I can see) from the blocks section, so I can't call it during runtime.
Am I missing anything? It seems to be a basic option and it should be present, but I am not able to find it... The only property present in the blocks section is "FontSize", but I'm not able to manage Italic, Size, Bold, and so on...
On the other hand, I tried (due to the fact that I couldn't find the option) to format the label in html mode ( text ) but this neither works, that simply shows the tags 'b' and '/b' as part of the text.
Any ideas?
EDIT: Important! The label has been created in runtime (it does not exist in design time, so I can't check the HTML format property and this is another property -Html format- that seems to not be able to be managed from block section...)

You are correct, there is no "bold" block for the label component - an odd omission.

You can overcome this by ticking the HTMLFormat box, and then using a bit of html code to set the font weight of the text in a label to bold


Thanks for your answer. The fact is that I can't tick the HTML format property as this label does not exist in design time, but I create it in run time. As the HTML format property does not exist un the blocks section, I can't call this property from code.
Any other idea or what I want (a basic feature consisting of changing the font layout in runtime) is not possible in App Inventor?

Do you use dynamic components?

If using Dynamic Components extension you can use the setProperty block and "FontBold".

Not sure about font layout, whatever that is...

Yes, I'm using the DynamicComponents extension to create the label and other components in the app

Thanks, I'll try it!

Try this block: name = FontBold, value = logical block true


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